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Application for Parking

This application is for the Domestic Violence in Later Life Conference scheduled . Please return this application with payment to UW Transportation Services by . No applications will be accepted after the deadline or without payment. Cost is $15.00

Welcome to the 5th Domestic Violence in Later Life Conference!

This year’s conference focuses on the role of technology in domestic violence in later life and the financial exploitation of older adults. Technology can be used by both victims and their perpetrators. For victims, it offers an avenue for accessing assistance and strategically maintaining safety and privacy. It also provides a way to remain connected to family and friends, increasing support for the victim and decreasing their sense of isolation. On the other hand, perpetrators can exert power and control over their victims by using it to stalk, snare and control. They can also use it to financially abuse older adults. The prevalence of internet use by older adults is rapidly increasing and research shows that compared to other age groups, they are more likely to be scammed and defrauded. As professionals and advocates, we need to know how to harness technology safely, appropriately and effectively so that we can increase the use of technology by victims and decrease the negative impact of perpetrators.

Join us as experts provide a deeper understanding of technology’s role in the lives of older adults and the strategies for more effectively supporting them. We look forward to taking this journey with you!

Shari Gray-Dorn, Conference Chair, Adult Protective Services Supervisor of the Adult Guardianship Program
Dane County Department of Human Services