Keynote Address

From Phones to Facebook: Technology Abuse & Safety for Elders and Advocates

portrait of Rachel Gibson

Rachel is a Senior Technology Safety Specialist at National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV). Rachel works to improve the safety and security of survivors and victims of crime. She provides trainings, resources, and technical assistance to increase the knowledge and capacity of victim service providers, private industries, and communities at large so they can help survivors of crime in this digital society we live in.

Prior to her return to NNEDV, Rachel worked with the Center on Victimization and Safety at the Vera Institute of Justice on the National Resource Center on Reaching Victims. Rachel worked with systems to build the capacity of the crime victims’ field to successfully identify, reach, and meet the needs of survivors from underserved communities. Rachel also worked on projects to better serve survivors of crime who also have disabilities.

Rachel began her career at the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence where she was responsible for the oversight of the Technology and Safety Program which included: providing technology and safety training, supporting the 42 certified member programs in advocating for survivors of high-tech stalking and abuse, and working to end gender-based violence by providing training and technical assistance on many different content areas.

Rachel has provided over 100 trainings both nationally and internationally, and has been an expert panel member for the United Nations Women and Girls Programme at the Hague. She has provided expert feedback and interviews for CBS, NPR, and NBC affiliates.

Rachel has a Masters in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Florida and a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology from Lynchburg College (VA).